Monday, April 18, 2011

Zucchini flat bread

Zucchini flat bread (from
brought by Loretta

1 large zucchinni, shredded (about 5 C)
1 cup pecans, ground into meal
10 dates, soaked and pulsed to puree
fresh ginger or 5 pieces crystalized ginger, pulsed
0.5 teaspoon cinnamon, up to 1 tsp
0.5 teaspoon allspice, or more if you like
0.25 teaspoon nutmeg, less if you like
1 teaspoon vanilla
0.25 teaspoon ground cloves, less if you like
dash of salt
0.25 C flax meal, less or more as needed to bind together
Blend zucchini in food processor, set aside. Blend dates and pecans in food processor, add to

zucchini mixture. Add flax meal and spices. Press onto teflex and dehydrate for about 10-12
hours to desired crispness at 105 degrees. It might also be good with a little orange zest.

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